Vintage-style “Bakelite” door furniture has been “Re-born” under the name of : BROLITE

Most Bakelite items are available in Mottled Walnut Brown or the more unusual Black and unheard of; door knobs and handles are all interchangeable on all our back-plates meaning a huge number permutations are available.

All items are skilfully modelled on the originals that have been sourced to include (some VERY RARE originals)

Most sets of door knobs or handles are suitable for use with rim locks (as well as mortice) by simply discarding one of the back-plates. Except back-plates with a key hole. Alternatively you should be able to purchase the parts separately so for rim lock sets, just order one of the back-plates.

There are simply times when nothing else will really “do”, so tactile and authentic, characterful and unusual. No chips, no scratches, no paint and a full matching set at reasonable prices.

Made just like it was in the 1920`s, 30`s, 40`s, 50`s and 60`s except that BROLITE does not contain asbestos like some of the originals did. In addition, up-to-date mould making with “CAD” facilities (Computer Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) have aided in the development and manufacturing process.